George Prevalsky

George’s background is best described by the achievements of the great competitors he has worked with and trained.  To name a few of the most outstanding ones: 
  • Ina Prevalsky - George's 13 year old daughter. 6x's TX (girls & boys div) & 5 Time US Junior Olympic TKD champ (2001 - 2005).
  • Kurt Pitman - Kickboxing
  • Guy Mezger - World NHB Champ
  • Johnny Shaw - Multiple TX and US Champion 
  • Johan Hubert - Dallas Golden Gloves HW Champ/Open Division
  • Sunia "Nia" Filikitonga - MMA TX Amateur Champ
  • Buddy Clinton - MMA
  • Tre Telligman - MMA
  • Maryly Martin - Muay Thai
  • Vanessa Aliling - Muay Thai
  • Darren Bradford - Kickboxing
  • Joey Pena - Muay Thai
  • Reilly Flynn - MMA/Muay Thai 
  • Alonzo Martinez - MMA
  • Kevin Simmons - MMA
  • Gaylan Flemmings - Kickboxing
  • Rafel Cassias - Boxing
  • Rodney McSwein - MMA/Boxing
  • Jeff Cooper - Muay Thai
  • Katsuki "Katsu" Kluchi - Muay Thai
  • Marcus Hicks - MMA 
  • John Perez - Boxing
  • Johnny Lozano - Boxing (2008 Dallas Golden Gloves 152lb Champ) 

In addition to the achievements of his students the following describes the sources of his knowledge:  

  • George has more than 25 years of martial arts experience and has practiced several traditional and combative styles of martial arts, including Western boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai. 
  • George trained with the Bulgarian Junior Olympic Boxing Team for 4 years and is USA Boxing registered coach. 
  • George is a certified Muay Thai trainer under the International Amateur Muay Thai Federation (I.A.M.T.F.) and is a recognized Master of Muay Thai (Arjarn) by the I.A.M.T.F. as of August 17, 1998.  A significant contribution to developing George’s knowledge in the Muay Thai field was given by Mr. Jason Webster, who has been a great source of knowledge and inspiration.
  • George owes his coaching knowledge to the Bulgarian Boxing Trainer Mr. Palmi Ranchev, head trainer for the Bulgarian National Boxing team for over 20 years and  has produced over 45 medalists from the Olympic games and the World Championships.

Marily Martin – Assistant Coach (Muay Thai) 

Marily has approximately 30 years of martial arts experience and has trained under the following teachers: 
Philippe Gelinas – 8 years Muay Thai Dan Inosanto – 2 years Erick Paulson – 2 years Master Chong Lee – 8 yearsMaster Chai Sirusite – 2 years – Muay Thai George Prevalsky - 13 yearsSaekson Janjira - 6 yearsGuy Mezger – 2 years

As competitor she has fought both amateur and professional in Muay Thai as well as WCL with a combined record of 8 wins, 1 loss, 1 draw. WTF tournament - 1st place, Quebec, Canada 1992.She is a certified Yoga, aerobics, kick box aerobics and spinning instructor since 1995 and a Personal trainer certified from Cooper institute.Marily’s teaching experience includes: instructor at Bally’s fitness in Longmont Co, and Florida and instructor and personal trainer for Candy Colby Association and SMU, Dallas. Also - Assistant coach for Saekson Janjira, Uptown Gym and George Prevalsky’s Boxing Club. 

Yousef Alirezaei - Coach (Jiu Jitsu)

29+ Years experience in wrestling & jiu jitsu
15+ Years experience in coaching
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt 3rd Degree

Over 250 gold medals in wrestling and jiu jitsu
3 year national wrestling champion in freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling
4 year Texas champion in freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling
2001 Sambo world champion
2001 4 gold medalist AAU grand nationals
Freestlye adult champion
Greco-Roman open champion
Freestlye master champion
Greco-Roman master champion
2002 World Sambo champion
2002 AAU Greco-Roman adult champion
2002 AAU Greco-Roman master champion
2003 Silver Medalist Pan American(GI)
2003 Silver Medalist Pan American (NO GI)
2003 Grappling Quest Champion
2003 Dallas Bone Brawl Champion
2004 3rd Place Texas Submission Tournament 
2004 Silver Medalist Pan American (GI)
2006 Gold Medalist Pan American(GI)   
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