My best Xmas present this year - having two of my students - Chris Jones and Will Campuzano nominated by ESPN on the top of the Dallas professional MMA fighters list. Congratulations Chris and Will !
Time machine: Best of DFW MMA in 2010 - Dallas MMA Blog - ESPN Dallas
George Prevalsky's Muay Thai & Boxing Club will host open sparring sessions on Sept 5th, 2010 at 4pm!  Sparring will consist of MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai.  All MMA gyms and Spectators are welcome.  BYOB!  :)  
As of June 8, 2010 George Prevalsky's Muay Thai & Boxing Club and affiliated instructors no longer provide coaching / instruction at their former location in Coppell.
1st workout at the new gym located in Irving/Valley Ranch will be on May 17th!!!  See new schedule for details!!!
We're opening up a 2nd location in Valley Ranch in the Spring of 2010!  The new gym location will be at:
612 South Valley Ranch Parkway
Irving, TX. 75063
*South East Corner of Valley Ranch Parkway and MacArthur.  Two blocks North of 635* 
Capitol Punishment Live  - Feb 6th, 2010
The Crocket Center in Austin, Texas
By Barry L.Published: 02/06/2010
Rd1: Terrance lands a big right to open the fight.  Takedown to armbar attempt by Holmes. 
Terrance fights out of a couple of submission attempts. The fight returns to standing and the round
Rd2: Terrance lands again.  JJ with a take down.  They exchange positions.  JJ is winning on the ground.
Rd3: Terrance rocks JJ with a left.  Holmes fights through it and gets another takedown.  Controlling from the top JJ seems content to ride out the win..
Winner: JJ Holmes Unanimous Decision.  JJ is now the 185lb Fight To Win Champion!!!
WEC 46 - January 10th, 2010
ARCO Arena, Sacramento, CA.
By: Johnny Lozano
Will Campuzano vs. Coty "Ox" Wheeler
Coty Wheeler vs. Will Campuzano was the first bout on the undercard of WEC: Varner vs. Henderson on January 10.  Will Campuzano and Coty "Ox" Wheeler fought hard for 3 rounds (15 mins).  Ox Wheeler attempted a couple of footlocks, kneebars, and a guillotine choke.  Will was able to defend all of Ox's
submissions attmepts.  Campuzano made Wheeler pay with devestating punch combinations, hammer-fist
ground-n-pound, several flashy kicks to the face, and flying knees.  Ox Wheeler absorbed a lot of
punishment, but Ox refused to give up. 
Will Campuzano Defeats Coty "Ox" Wheeler by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the 3rd round. 
Click here to view photos of Will Campuzano vs. Coty "Ox" Wheeler
This Fight was Fight of the Night and is now available to watch for free exclusively on 
Click here to watch it.
William Campuzano signs a 5 fight contract with the WEC!!! William Campuzano, has just signed a 5 fight contract with the Zuffa-owned WEC promotion.  Will Campuzano will be fighting in the Flyweight division (125lbs) in 2010. 
Way to go Will!!!
JJ Holmes and Chris Jones were both victorious in their matches this past Saturday!
Red River Knock Out - October 17, 2009
JJ Holmes (Mohler MMA) vs Andre Kavanaugh
JJ Holmes defeated Andre Kavanaugh with a second round submission to win 185 lbs title.  CLICK HERE to view the photo gallery of JJ's fight!
XKO 5 - October 17, 2009
The Gym in Arlington, TX.
Chris Jones (Mohler MMA) vs Jarrett Jones (West Texas MMA)
This fight was a back and forth war with both opponents throwing lots of leather and great ground work.  Chris Jones won an unanimous decision (27-30, 28-29, 28-29) on all three judges scorecards!  Good job Chris!!!
Extreme Combat League
Civic Center in Shreveport, LA.
Jason Sampson vs Will Mathis
Round 1: Jason came out and threw a superman punch, and Will avoided the punch by moving back.  Will came out aggressively and threw an overhand right and kicked with right leg.  Jason caught the leg and dropped Will with a right hand.  Jason kneed Will Mathis with a knee that split his head open.  Jason ended up in Will's guard and began the ground and pound.  Will managed to get back to his feet, and took Jason down to the the ground with a single-leg.  Jason went for a guillotine, but Will managed to get takedown.  Jason jumped from guillotine to a triangle.  Jason through over 20 punches to his head while he had Will in the Triangle.  Will escaped the triangle and Jason scrambled up to his feet. Jason hit Will with a 1-2 combo and the bell rang
Round 2: Will was bleeding.  Will came out and threw a right kick, and Jason caught the kick, threw a right punch in the face which dropped Will.  Will got up and tried to shoot, but Jason sprawled punched him in the head.  Jason tapped out Will with a Marce choke at 21 seconds in the 2nd round. 
Jason added a new belt to his collection, and he is now the 145lb Extreme Combat League Champion! 
Congrats Jason Sampson!!!
Urban Rumble Championships 4
Pasadena, Texas
May 23rd, 2009
William Campuzano vs Tim Snyder 
After having a very stressededful week do to William's management team, William stated that he wasn't sure if his head would be in the fight on Saturday. William started at a slow pace until TIM Snyder jumped all over William with a flurry of punches. Tim blinded William by cutting him under his eyes. Will kept his composure and mounted a full blown hands only attack. William began to out strike Tim, and it was only  matter of time before Will landed the big shot.. William executed a beautiful combination that sent Tim to the floor.  Tim grabbed William's ankle to while William hit Tim 6 to 7 times.  Will stated, "TIM got TERMINATED!"
William Campuzano Wins by TKO/RSC 2:59 in the 1st round
William Campuzano submits Bryan Goldsby via Triangle!!!
CAGE KINGS: Total Domination
March 20th, 2009
Bossier City, Louisiana
William Campuzano Vs. Bryan Goldsby
William Campuzano had a very tough fight against a very game opponent,Bryan Goldsby
Round 1:
William had a very tough 1st round.  Brian was throwing kicks at different angles, getting the takedowns, and even suplexed William.  Round 1 went to Bryan Goldsby.
Round 2:
Bryan shot in for the takedown and took William to the mat.  William is known for his dangerous striking skills, but on this night William was able to showcase his Jiu-Jitsu skills. William was able to get one leg over Bryan's shoulder and worked really hard for the triangle. William stated, "It took me about a minute to finally sink the triangle in."  William wins at 1:33 round 2 - triangle choke
Jason Sampson wins the Ring Rulers 145lb Title!!!
Feb. 27th, 2009
Municipal Auditorium. Shreveport, LA.
Congrats to Jason Sampson for bringing home the 145lb Championship Belt to Mohler MMA.  Jason trained very hard for his fight!  Jason defeated his opponent in less than 2 mins with a Triangle Armbar. 
Congrats Jason Sampson!!!
William Campuzano defeats Doug Sonier by Knockout!!!
SWC 3 - Valentine Day Massacre - February 21
Feb 21, 2009
Frisco, TX..
William Campuzano vs. Doug Sonier
Mohler MMA fighter William "Yum Yum" Campuzano showed once again why he is one of the top 135 pounders in Texas! 
Round 1:
Both fighters touched gloves and it was on!  Doug threw a stiff left jab that connected on Will.  William kept his composure and began to get his rhythm.  William began throwing combinations landing will!  He began to soften up his opponent by throwing a couple of Thai Kicks to Doug's left thigh.  William then threw a perfect straight right that dazed his opponent.  William went in for the finish and threw 3 knees to the face that knocked out his opponent.  The ref stepped in and stopped the fight in the 1st round!
William Campuzano's Pro MMA record is now 4-0-0
William Campuzano wins his 2nd pro fight by Guillotine Choke, 1st Round!!!
LFC - Louisiana Fighting Championship
August 23rd, 2008
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
William Campuzano vs Seth Drago
Round 1
Both Combatants square off in the center of the ring.  Seth  throws two leg kicks to Williams thigh which doesn't seem to phase him.  William begins to throw combos at Seth landing at will.  Seth shoots for a single leg takedown, but William is able to get back to his feet.  William jumps for a Guillotine choke and squeezes until Seth passes out!  William wins by KO Submission!  Go Will!
William Campuzano wins his pro debut in 48 sec (by TKO) in the 1st round @ Cage Kings!
1st Round - William came out very aggressively punishing his opponent with hard punches, knees, and kicks.The two combatants were clinched up against the fence both going for the takedown.  William got the takedown and threw an avalanche of elbows, knees, and a few kicks to the thighs.  The ref stopped the fight at 48 secs of the 1st round!  Congrats William!!! 
Mohler Fighter Nathan Shaffer wins via Submission in 3rd @ Ring Rulers
Sunia Filikitonga d. Thomas Naylor by KO R1
Sunia Filikitonga wins via TKO (Strikes) at 0:41 in the 1st round.
Super heavyweights Sunia Filikitonga and Thomas Naylor came together in a matchup of two men with a combined weight of 589 pounds. It was Filikitonga, of Dallas, Texas, who used his fists to prove how hard and quickly fellow big man Naylor could fall.
Quickly pushing his opponent against the ropes, 300-pound Filikitonga landed crushing right after crushing right, causing referee Jenkins to step between fighters for the third time of the night. The record says that Thomas Naylor of Houston lost his pro debut 41 seconds into his first round.
2008 Dallas Golden Gloves
February 6-9, 2008
Hella Shrine Temple Garland, TX.
Team Prevalsky sent it's boxers (Johnny Lozano, Shawn Winters, Reza Anvarian, Luis (Lennon) Torres, Gaylon Flemmins, and Tom Blanc) to fight for the 2008 Golden Gloves. 
Wednesday Bouts:
152 - Luis Espinoza vs. Lennon Torre s- *Lennon was DQ'd due to not making weight*
165 - Raza Anvarian vs. Samuel Valdez Colossus (won)
178-Charles Harris Vivero vs. Shawn Winters (won)
Thursday Bouts:
152 - Steve Cravens vs. Johnny Lozano (won)
178 - Shawn Winters (won) vs. Kamal Banks (won)
201 - Ladell Williams (won) vs. Gaylon Flemmins
Friday Bouts:
152 - Johnny Lozano (won) vs. John Naugler
178 - Shawn Winters vs. Juventio Sanchez (won)
Saturday Bouts:
152 - Johnny Lozano (won) vs. Blake King
165 - Tom Blanc vs. Larry Smith (won)
Johnny Lozano was the only memeber of the team to win the 2008 Dallas Golden Gloves.  George was proud of all his boxers for participating in the 2008 Golden Gloves.  Johnny Lozano is the 2008 Golden Gloves Champion/152 lbs (Welterweight Division)!!!
NEWS (12/17/07): 
Four GEORGE PREVALSKY'S boxers (Johnny Lozano, Shawn Winters, Reza, and Tom Blanc went to Troupe, TX to fight at the Byron Payton Memorial Tournament.  In a conflict of interests, the boxers settled their differences the only way they knew how - in the ring! 
152-Johnny Lozano d. Pedro Dominguez
165-Tom Blanc d. Juan Trevino
165-Omar Solis d. Reza Anvarian
178-Shawn Winters d. David Crowley
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